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Gain access to all of our most asked-for scripts, educational guides, and customizable templates for adding Dementia Support Services to your private practice.


Whether you are in the beginning stages of wanting to start a private practice that includes dementia support services or whether you have an already established private practice our guidebook and templates are just the tools for you!


Click on the product images to view the table of contents!


For $197, you will receive:

  • A direct download of our 22-Page Dementia Support Services Guidebook for SLPs
  • Customizable Templates that you can tailor to your private practice (Word Format)


  • A discount code for $10 off a 1:1 professional consultation!




Implementing Dementia Support Services Guidebook Contents: 

  • Making meaningful connections within your community - professionals to reach out to in order to build your referral network for dementia support services
  • Email script for making connections within your community
  • Basic chart of Medicare Part B covered and non-covered services
  • Examples of different private pay service offerings outside of insurance
  • Script for initial phone calls when scheduling Med B referrals and sharing your additional service offerings
  • Script for how to respond to FAQ and comments from clients 
  • What do cognitive wellness services look like: example of explaining why Med B does not cover this service
  • Outline for the dementia family coaching process - initial consult
  • Case example chart of a hybrid model of service offerings provided simultaneously - mix of Medicare Part B and private pay 
  • Helpful marketing strategies & key pieces of advice
  • Additional helpful resources for your clients


Customizable Templates and Forms

  • Add-on menu of private self-pay services template
  • Appointment tracker template
  • Dementia family coaching and consulting client authorization form
  • Client feedback email template
  • Continued comprehensive support services available following discharge from therapy services template
  • Dementia family coaching support services information template
  • Dementia family coaching session review/notes template
  • Script for when talking to other healthcare professionals email template
  • Fax cover sheet template
  • Dementia family coaching intake questionnaire template
  • Dementia family coaching for potential clients email template
  • Script for contact form submission template (website) with case scenario example
  • Appointment reminders template - to market your additional services and remind clients of additional service offerings
  • Initial dementia family coaching write-up guide (basic outline)



  • Creating a business plan roadmap: a roadmap for now and for navigating the future direction of your business 



Please note, the links to access the materials will expire in 30 days, so please download your materials right away. Your discount code expires 6 months after your purchase.



Due to the fact that this is a digital download, refunds are not accepted; however, if you have any issues with your purchase please reach out to us at 

Dementia Support Services Guide for SLPs - Guidebook and Customizable Templates

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  • You will receive your digital product in a ZIP file.

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