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Dementia Navigation Consultations for Families & Care Partners

You're in the right place if your goals are to: 

Eliminate hours of research and receive recommendations tailored to your unique needs

Learn tools to tackle dementia symptoms and cognitive challenges

Feel more confident in your care partner role 

Gain a better understanding of the disease and its stages

Have direction and a plan for now and for the future 

Find an experienced professional to guide you on your journey

Gain a professional dementia navigator to guide you and help you towards your goals

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By Hiring The Memory Compass You Are Gaining A Dementia Professional Who:

  1. Has 10 years of professional experience within the senior care space
  2. Knows how to navigate you through the disease but also through the maze that is our healthcare system
  3. Equips you with what to advocate for proactively within a reactive healthcare world
  4. Specializes in executive function and communication challenges of the disease and will provide you with your own individualized tools to tackle those challenges 
  5. Understands that education received at neurologists offices 2-4 times a year is not enough
  6. Not only provides recommendations to enhance the quality of life of your loved one, but will also provide tips and strategies for your own mindset and wellbeing 
  7. And so much more!

Our Process

Free 15-Minute Discovery Call



60-Minute Initial Dementia Navigation Consultation


Have Ongoing Access to Your Own Dementia Navigator When You Need It 

The Memory Compass can accommodate multiple participants in our sessions at once whether that be additional family or care team members such as geriatric care managers, in-home companion care companies, therapists, and more.

We are here to guide you whether you are recently starting to have memory concerns for your loved one or whether dementia is formally diagnosed and further along in disease progression.

Navigaton Pathway

Our Dementia Navigation Pathway

Memory Loss Navigation Consultation Information (8.5 × 11 in) (4).png

Click here to download your own larger copy to reference:

Our navigation plans are not one size fits all.
Below is an example of what we cover:

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying:

Memory Compass Services have been more helpful to me than my Neurologist, personal therapist, or even the Alzheimer's Association. Jessie evaluates your loved one and your situation, then "dials right in" and gives tangible advice on how to navigate all aspects of living with, and caring for your loved one, as well as eventually transitioning the living situation of one with dementia if needed. It's amazing how a little communication, understanding, and support go a long way to making this process more doable. Every person who is dealing with memory loss of a loved one should have access to these valuable services. 

- Janet D.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should be present for the Memory Loss Navigation consultations?
    Our Memory Loss Navigation Consultations are designed specifically for family members and care partners navigating the care of a loved one living with memory loss and cognitive decline. These consultations are aimed at providing support, education, and individualized guidance. These services complement the care you may already be receiving from support groups, elder law attorneys, or in-home companion care. The Memory Compass is here to be a special member of your "village" and care team. Our initial memory loss navigation consultations are held via phone or virtually across the US. The positive about modern technology is that multiple members can be in attendance across different states and time zones at once! We understand that family dynamics can be challenging for some. We take great care in the families that we work with by accommodating by having separate sessions between family members when needed. Are you interested in services specifically for your loved one? Ask us about our Cognitive Wellness (across the US) services today!
  • Are your Memory Loss Navigation Consultations, Dementia Coaching Services, Cognitive Screenings, and Cognitive Wellness Services available across the US?
    Yes! We proudly support individuals and families across the United States who are navigating cognitive changes with normal aging or a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia, or Parkinson's Disease. Our sessions are provided via Zoom or phone consultations. Multiple family members living in different time zones can be included in the consultations at one time if requested.
  • My mom/dad, family member, or friend has cognitive challenges. Can I purchase Memory Loss Navigation Consultations or Cognitive Wellness Sessions for them?
    Yes, of course! We often work with adult children. In fact, a majority of our clients are adult children who are navigating the care of their parents either from near or a far. We have also worked with clients where a friend has gifted consultation services as a way to show their ongoing support. For further assistance please contact us via email at or call us at +1 (317) 501-7424 for a free 15 minute discovery call. We will then walk you through the process.
  • I am worried about my own memory. How could The Memory Compass help?
    The Memory Compass is here to provide support to individuals and families whether they have an official diagnosis, whether they are in the process of seeking further medical care for a diagnosis, or whether there are new concerns related to memory and cognitive function. The first step to determining what services will be best for you are to set-up a free 15-minute discovery call by either 1. Emailing 2. Clicking the "Schedule Today" button and selecting the discovery call option or 3. Calling us at +1 (317) 501-7424 to schedule We will discuss whether our Cognitive Screening and/or our Cognitive Wellness Plan is right for you.
  • Myself or my loved one is an Indiana resident. Will you travel to the home, senior living community, adult day center, or appointments?
    The Memory Compass provides in-person support services for Indiana residents depending on distance from our home office located in Zionsville, IN. In-person services may be subject to a travel fee dependent upon drive time to and from the desired location. We provide cognitive screenings, cognitive wellness services and memory loss navigation services in person depending on distance. We also offer the following in-person services as well: Attend care plan conferences Accompaniment to medical appointments to act as an advocate (we do not provide transportation for your loved one) Train healthcare professionals involved in care Provide in-home safety assessments and cognitive screenings
  • My Mom or Dad feel they are managing everything ok. Do you ever work with just the adult children?
    Yes! Actually, a majority of our clients are part of the "sandwich generation" managing the care of their own children while managing the care of their aging parents. Sometimes we might have a spouse join sessions later. All of our sessions are individualized to your unique needs and your unique family dynamics.
  • I have a friend who could really benefit from this service. Can I gift a session to them?
    Absolutely! We have gift certificates available for purchase. Click Here to purchase a gift certificate.
  • How is Memory Loss Navigation support different from your Cognitive Wellness Plan?
    Our Cognitive Wellness Plan involves direct interaction with the individual living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer's, dementia, frontotemporal dementia, vascular dementia, lewy body dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Primary Progressive Aphasia, hearing loss or general aging. Our Cognitive Wellness Plan and our Memory Loss Navigation Consultations are a private pay service that is not covered by insurance. The frequency is determined together by the family and your consultant. Some families enjoy the benefit of having our Cognitive Wellness Services check in on their loved one weekly, monthly, or quarterly to monitor home safety and cognitive status. Other families enjoy having their loved one as part of our Cognitive Wellness Plan receiving weekly or bi-weekly cognitive stimulation sessions! Memory Loss Navigation Consultations are provided on an as-needed basis and the sessions are with the care partners and family, not the individual living with dementia. Some care partners choose to meet bi-weekly for 1:1 counseling, support, and individualized recommendations regarding challenges that arise while others choose to meet monthly or on an as needed basis. The Memory Compass is here when you need us! We will help you design a plan that fits your needs.
  • How much do The Memory Compass services cost?
    15-minute Discovery Call - FREE Initial Consultation - 60 minutes - $275 What is factored into the cost of this service? A thorough review of your intake form in order to maximize initial consult time to ensure it is laser-focused to your unique needs The direct 1:1 hour spent with your dementia navigator providing you with education, solutions, and resources Notes taken for you Additional time outside your session to develop your Action Plan ​ Cognitive Screenings & Cognitive Wellness Services - 60 minutes - $275 Our comprehensive cognitive screenings are ideal for: ​​ Individuals who are concerned about whether cognitive changes they may be experiencing are a part of normal aging or a sign of something more ​Adult children or family members who have a history of dementia or Alzheimer's in their family and are interested in having a baseline of their current cognitive function Individuals who are interested in learning more about brain health and how lifestyle factors contribute to brain health Follow Up Sessions - 50 minutes - $135 What is factored into the cost of this service? Review of updates or notes submitted from client at time of booking or sent via email Direct 1:1 time spent with your dementia navigator providing you with education, solutions, and resources Notes taken for you Additional time outside of your session to add links and resources to your session notes Follow-up communication after your session with notes and resources. ​ Additional Service Fees: 60 minutes - $135 45 minutes - $101.25 30 minutes - $67.50 15 minutes - $33.75 These are services for requests such as: Communication with other members of a care team - social worker, in-home companion care, geriatric care managers, etc. Trainings to care team Development of in-home companion care binders Development of other support materials and more!
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