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Dementia Training & Consulting


Educational training, workshops, professional speaking, and consulting for healthcare professionals, businesses, and community

Jessie Hillock M.A. CCC-SLP, CDP brings years of experience in treating patients with memory loss and cognitive decline, coaching families, and training other therapists and professionals. Consulting services are available for healthcare professionals and businesses along with Dementia training and presentations. Some examples are outlined below.  

Jessie Hillock, M.A., CCC-SLP, CDP has worked as a Dementia Consultant, developing and implementing dementia staging programs and providing on-site training for businesses and organizations in order to improve confidence, team collaboration, and quality care.

Training and Consulting for Healthcare Professionals, Businesses and Community:

  • Dementia training programs to healthcare professionals and staff

  • Dementia strategy sessions for challenging care management and training to boost employee confidence with dementia care to promote employee retention and collaborative teamwork

  • Professional speaking engagements within the community to decrease myths on normal aging vs signs of a more advanced cognitive decline, how to know when to seek support services, appropriate communication approaches, tools for a care partner tool box, advocacy, and more

  • Businesses seeking dementia navigation services available for their own employees as an employee benefit

  • Businesses within the community seeking guidance on how to foster a dementia friendly environment 

Who can we support? 

  • Assisted Living, Memory Care and Long Term Care Communities

  • Home Health Care 

  • In-Home Companion Care

  • Hospice 

  • Hospitals and Outpatient Healthcare Providers

  • Universities

  • First Responders

  • Communities - Churches, Libraries, Parks, etc

  • Mental Health Counselors

  • Human Resources - Employee Assistance Programs

  • Elder Law

  • Businesses desiring to be dementia friendly 

  • And More!

Training, Workshop, and Speaking Engagement Topic Examples:

Identifying & Navigating through the Stages of Dementia 

Honoring Your Own Brain Health - Creating Your Own "Brain Diet" 

Meal Time and Dementia - Promoting Independence, Dignity and Joy 

Building Your Village Of Support Along The Journey - Learning To Be Proactive In A Reactieve Healthcare World

Communicating With Dementia - More Than Just Words

Meaningful Cognitive Stimulation Activities - Tossing The Word Search Books 

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