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Our "About Me Template"  is designed as a tool for family members or care partners to complete for loved one's who are receiving care from in-home companion care and other healthcare professionals within their home or who are receiving care within Assisted Living Facilities, Memory Care communities or Long Term Care. It is also designed for Occupational Therapists or Speech Therapists to utilize with their clients.


Our customizable "About Me" template is a wonderful way to highlight life accomplishments, favorite memories, and preferences to share with care companions who may be caring for your loved one. This template can also be used for healthcare professionals to get to know your loved one if your loved one is in the hospital or rehab. 


Our "About Me" Template Promotes: 

  • Building rapport between care staff and your loved one 
  • Opportunities for your loved one to reminisce 
  • Meaningful communication and connection between your loved one and care companions
  • A quick way for care companions to get to know your loved one as a person and not just a number!


The Memory Compass has years of experience working in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Long Term Care, and Home Health and we know the importance of having "About Me" information available. Some families will create binders and books but unfortunately, care companions often have limited time in their schedule to sit down and read them. This is why we created this one-page "About Me" template that can be referenced quickly by care companions. This page can be printed and posted in different areas of a loved one's living environment such as a wall in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. It could also be placed in a care binder.


Following your purchase you will receive a PDF document that includes a button with a link to your customizable template. This template was created in Canva. If you do not already have a Canva account, you will be asked to create a free account in order to use this template.  



  • A 3-page PDF download 
  • Page 1 includes a button with a link to Canva to create your customizable template 
  • Page 2 instructions for how to customize your template
  • Page 3 a template example to be used for inspiration 



  • Canva is an online graphic design tool that is free to use when you sign-up for a free account
  • Canva is easy to sign-up for by using either an email, Google account, or Facebook login. Once an account is created, you can edit this customizeable template. 
  • It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Canva prior to purchasing this template by visiting



  • 2 frames where you can upload a picture of your loved one from when they were younger and a recent photo
  • Text boxes with prompts for "about me" information including
    • Space to include where your loved one is from, their family, their childhood and schooling
    • Career journey
    • Favorite hobbies and interests
    • Things that bring your loved one joy and/or topics they are interested in 
    • Things your loved one is proud of
    • Advice for others



  • This template was created in Canva. If you do not have a Canva account, you will be asked to create a FREE Canva account to access this template. 



Please note, the links to access the materials will expire in 30 days, so please download your materials right away. 



Due to the fact that this is a digital download, refunds are not accepted; however, if you have any issues with your purchase please reach out to us at 

"About Me" Editable Template: Help Care Companions Get to Know Your Loved One

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