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Medicare Reimbursable, Individualized, Outpatient Therapy & Family Coaching

Welcome to the Memory Compass

We are a boutique, in-home, therapy practice offering specialized services for individuals experiencing memory challenges as a result of Alzheimer's, dementia, cognitive impairments, aphasia, general aging, hearing loss, etc.
Why work with a speech therapist?

Speech-Language Pathologists have advanced training and certification to provide assessment and therapy for memory and cognitive impairments and decline.

At the Memory Compass, all therapy services are individualized and delivered in-home, unlike support groups or care from other organizations. We enhance the care provided by other organizations.

Personalized therapy for:
  • Memory and cognitive assessments to determine baseline functioning

  • Identify individual and family goals

  • Specific, evidence-based, therapy to achieve the goals

  • Tools to increase independence and safety for daily living

  • Personalized memory strategies

  • Family and caregiver coaching, support, and advocacy

Therapy where it matters.

We take the stress out of traveling to appointments by coming to you. We also know functional therapy is best provided where and with whom the individual spends their time. 

A person's environment is an important piece of the therapy process. We work with each client to create a living environment that supports independence, memory recall, and safety.

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Our Services

  • Standardized assessments

  • In-home and personalized services

  • Specific tools to teach memory strategies

  • Therapy designed to increase independence in daily living

Family Coaching
  • Strategies and exercises to improve and maintain communication and memory skills

  • Support in setting up the environment to encourage independence

  • Advocacy, recommendations, and community connections for families

  • Training for professional caregivers 

  • Coaching for implementing staging programs withing SNFs

  • In-services for skilled professionals

  • Mentorship for speech-language pathologists and related professionals

We accept Medicare Part B 

Signs of memory decline:

  • Repeated difficulty thinking of words in conversation

  • Forgetting to complete routine daily tasks

  • Misplacing objects and/or replacing them in inappropriate places

  • Difficulty recalling events from the recent past

  • Getting lost while walking or driving familiar routes

  • Periods of confusion, withdrawal, and/or depression

How therapy can help:

  • ​Develop strategies to maximize communication and independence

  • Specific plans to maintain current levels of functioning

  • Improve quality of life, social relationships, and self-care

  • Reduce stress and anxiety for clients and families

  • Coaching for families and caregivers to support and advocate for their loved one 

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