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Education and Strategies to Equip You in How to Best Support You and Your Loved One

  • Educating families about the disease, different stages within the disease, and how to identify stages

    • What does "early, middle, late" or "mild, moderate, and severe" really mean for my loved one? ​

  • "Our neurologist told us they would see us back in 6 months. We need a manual for this." 

    • We will equip you with your own roadmap with a DEMENTIA NAVIGATION ACTION PLAN!

  • In-home safety assessments & recommendations to set up the environment for independence 

  • Learning how to provide continued meaningful & purposeful activities to promote joy and cognitive-stimulation

  • Education topics may include but are not limited to: change in behaviors/emotions, safety with medications, safety with finances, resistance to bathing/dressing, decline in hygiene, decline in home management, safety concerns with driving, weight loss or appetite changes, how to know when increased care is recommended 

Comprehensive Support for Families and Care Partners

  • Supporting family members and care partners during times of decision and planning. We understand that family dynamics can make this already difficult time even more challenging. We are well versed in handling those situations and how to best come up with solutions together. 

  • Connections with other professionals in your area to further strengthen your dementia care team

  • Understanding how to improve or maintain your own health and quality of life while caring for a loved one

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