Telehealth & In-Home Therapy
Available across Indiana


Many individuals who experience memory challenges related to general aging, hearing loss, or more advanced cognitive decline can benefit from a consultation with a speech-language pathologist to identify strategies to strengthen and maintain memory and cognitive skills. Contact us today for a free 15 minute discovery call to determine the best next steps.

Offering in-home and telehealth therapy evaluations and follow-up telehealth treatment sessions

All therapy is provided by a certified speech-language pathologist with advanced training in assessing and providing treatment for speech, language, memory, swallowing, and other cognitive impairments. 

  • We proudly offer telehealth assessment across the state of Indiana to determine a baseline level of memory, communication, and cognitive abilities. In-person evaluations are on a case by case basis and dependent upon distance from our home office located in Zionsville, IN. 

  • Our Process: ​
    • Evaluate and develop a plan of care with individuals and their family 

    • Treatment frequency and duration is dependent upon the evaluation with a plan reviewed at time of evaluation

    • Develop and train memory aids with client and care partners

    • Develop individualized cognitive stimulation activities

    • Tools and strategies for managing daily tasks (medications, finances, shopping lists, calendar management)

    • Personalized communication and memory strategies

    • Support to decrease social isolation

    • Follow-up telehealth sessions make sure carryover in the home is effective and to determine what is working and what is not working

    • Provide a plan following discharge from therapy for continued Memory Loss Navigation and Dementia Family Coaching Support for family members and care partners and Cognitive Wellness services for our patients 


Signs of Memory Decline

  • Repeated difficulty thinking of words in conversation

  • Forgetting to complete routine daily tasks

  • Misplacing objects and/or replacing them in inappropriate places

  • Difficulty recalling events from the recent past

  • Getting lost while walking or driving familiar routes

  • Periods of confusion, withdrawal, and/or depression

How Therapy Helps

  • Support for the client and care partners with tools and knowledge to ease the journey 

  • ​Individualized strategies to maximize communication and independence to maintain current cognitive-communication skill level

  • Personalized plans developed with person-centered goals 

  • Improve quality of life, social relationships, and self-care

  • Reduce stress and anxiety for clients and families

Therapy Where it Counts

  • No stress in having to travel to an appointment with our combination telehealth & in-home services

  • Functional therapy has the greatest impact when provided where a person lives

  • We address independence and safety within the home

  • Provides the eyes and the ears insight into where breakdown is happening that many of your other healthcare professionals do not have the opportunity to see 

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Cognitive Wellness Plan - Continued Direct Support for Cognitive Changes and Memory Loss 

Wellness services are available to clients following the discharge from therapy.

  • Continue the strategies from therapy with regular check-ins and updates

  • Direct interaction and cognitive stimulation

  • Care partner support on how to continue to carryover strategies developed over the plan of care 

  • Unlike therapy, support through the Wellness Plan can be provided at your preferred frequency of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

  • Having these check-ins helps to keep your loved one at home and support you as the care partner!


Telehealth Therapy

Access our services from the comfort of your home.

Clients across the state of Indiana can access our speech-language therapy services via telehealth from the comfort of their own homes! Telehealth services are an excellent way to receive quality therapy for individuals who do not have access to expert care in their area.  For our therapy clients, we will ensure a person is an appropriate candidate for online services before beginning. ​We will also assist in onboarding for telehealth. Contact us to learn more about our services and to determine if teletherapy is a good fit for you or your loved one.