Individualized Therapy


Many individuals experience memory challenges related to general aging, hearing loss, or more advanced cognitive decline and can benefit from a consultation with a speech-language pathologist to identify strategies to strengthen and maintain memory and cognitive skills. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine the best next steps.

In-home therapy and assessments

All therapy is provided by a certified speech-language pathologist with advanced training in assessing and providing therapy for memory and cognitive impairments. Individuals experiencing memory difficulties as a result of dementia, Alzheimer's disease, aphasia, progressive diseases, social isolation, etc., can access our therapy services to enhance their quality of life and increase independence.  

  • Assessment to determine baseline memory and cognitive abilities

  • Develop a plan of care with individuals and their family 

  • Develop and train external memory aids with caregivers

  • Provide education for families on tools, resources, and advocacy

  • Provide individualized cognitive stimulation activities

  • Develop individualized approaches and activities to decrease maladaptive behaviors and wandering

  • Personalized communication and memory strategies

  • Support to decrease social isolation

  • Follow-up sessions make sure carryover in the home is effective and to determine what is working and what is not working

  • Support and therapy in other locations such as assisted living facilities, community centers, family member's homes, etc.

Signs of memory decline:

  • Repeated difficulty thinking of words in conversation

  • Forgetting to complete routine daily tasks

  • Misplacing objects and/or replacing them in inappropriate places

  • Difficulty recalling events from the recent past

  • Getting lost while walking or driving familiar routes

  • Periods of confusion, withdrawal, and/or depression

How therapy can help:

  • Supporting caregivers with tools and knowledge to ease the journey 

  • ​Develop strategies to maximize communication and independence

  • Specific plans to maintain current levels of functioning

  • Improve quality of life, social relationships, and self-care

  • Reduce stress and anxiety for clients and families

  • Coaching for families and caregivers to support and advocate for their loved one 


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