Memory Loss Navigation Services for Families & Care Partners

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Do you have a loved one with a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's and you wish there was someone to guide you on what to have in place as the disease progresses?

Are you concerned about the safety of a loved one in their home but feeling lost on how to address your concerns?

Do you feel lost in the process of navigating care for a loved one and wondering what resources are available to you and your loved ones specific needs?

Are you in search of tools and strategies to decrease care partner burnout and could benefit from 1:1 sessions to talk out challenges and receive individualized guidance on how to manage them?

Working with a dementia consultant will provide the support you need.

A dementia consultant is someone who supports both the individual and their family and care partners as they navigate major life changes, implement effective care practices, and address the quality of life for all involved. 


By working with The Memory Compass, you will receive expert support to reduce the anxiety and worry in caring for a loved one with dementia, Alzheimer's, or memory loss.  

Our Memory Loss Navigation services provide the support you need whether your loved one was recently diagnosed or is in the end stages of the disease progression. 

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Common Memory Loss Navigation & Consulting Sessions Focus on:

Education and Strategies to Help Your Loved One

  • Educating families about the disease and stages within the disease

  • Learning how to determine which stage your loved one is currently in 

  • Learning tools on how to best prepare for the future as the disease progresses 

  • In-home safety assessments to set up the environment for independence 

  • Learning how to provide continued meaningful activities

  • Education Topics may include but are not limited to: change in behaviors/emotions, safety with medications, safety with finances, resistance to bathing/dressing, decline in hygiene, decline in home management, safety concerns with driving, weight loss or appetite changes, how to know when increased care is recommended

Information and Support for Care Partners

  • Supporting family members during times of decision and planning

  • Connections with other professionals to strengthen your dementia care team

  • Tools to confidently advocate for loved ones

  • Understanding how to improve or maintain your own health and quality of life while caring for a loved one


How to Get Started:


Schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation

Begin with a consultation call to learn more about our services and how The Memory Compass can support you on your journey.

Dementia Consulting services are available nationally!

Schedule your call today.


Attend the 60-Minute Initial Memory Loss Navigation Session

Engage in the initial phone or virtual session. The focus of this session is individualized for your specific needs. Session format will be individualized based off of the intake form completed prior to the initial scheduled session.


Deciding How Much Support You Need

A major goal of The Memory Compass is to support families in order to avoid crisis. For continued support and individualized guidance continued sessions are offered on a weekly, bi-weekly or as needed basis. Different continued Memory Loss Navigation session packages are available to fit your needs. 

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